The Events

Throughout the year we celebrate several events that our Jackfruit House community participates in and gives an opportunity for our parents to meet one another and to be a part of our events.

The events we celebrate are :

  • Festivals
  • Fieldtrips
  • Cultural event
  • Parent child event
  • Parent Education event
  • National event – Independence Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day
  • Special Days- Father’s Day, Mother’s Day , Grandparent’s Day, Colour Day, Vegetable Day, Fruits Day

Festivals: We celebrate various festivals to inculcate our tradition and culture and create a sense of pride as an Indian citizen among every child. The environment is decorated brightly according to the festival where children learn about the different types of cultures, food, clothing etc.

The festivals which we celebrate are: Varamahalakshmi ,Raksha Bandhan , Krishna Janm Ashtami, Eid, Onam, Ganesh Chaturti, Dussera(Navaratri), Diwali, Christmas, Sankrathi , Holi, Ugadi etc.

Field Trips: The children are taken for field trips to enrich their knowledge and also help them to care of themselves, their peers, their surroundings and to socialize .The places are: Temple, Church, Railway Station, Market, Post Office, Bank, etc.

Cultural event: A cultural day is held annually in Jackfruit House where our children showcase their talent with performances like dance and drama followed by a graduation ceremony where each child wears a special graduation costume and gets a certificate.

Summer camps- During the summer we engage children of different age groups in various fun filled, creative activities based on themes along with music, dance, puppet play ,games and visits to different places.

"The most favourable time for a child to learn is when she wants to do it herself."

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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