Our Community

A community in general terms is a collection of people working towards a common objective, goal or other intent. The Montessori philosophy stresses the importance of contributing to the community by respecting other members in the community. This influences the child in their overall development, their identity, interpersonal skills, social values and sense of leadership.

The classroom community of peers and adults forms the primary reference to community of children at the nursery and Montessori levels.

The School: All students of the various programs, teachers, staff and parents make up the entire school community.

The Neighborhood: Various groups of people living and working around the child’s immediate neighborhood forms the sense of community.

Jackfruit House community comprises of the Children community, Parent community, Adult community and the Neighborhood community who work together hand in hand to bring out the known and the unknown potential of the child in his growing years. As a community we all participate in various events, festivals , value based educational programs to enrich and spread awareness.

" Education begins at birth."

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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