The admission process provides parents an open access to all relevant information and an insight into the philosophies we follow at Jackfruit House. At the outset we focus on one-to-one interactions with parents to understand their expectations and to address their queries and apprehensions. These sessions help us to not only involve the parents in our programs, but also help devise individualized approach for the child. This enables a natural and smooth tenure for the child. We believe in a strong interactive relationship with the parents’ right from the start to facilitate the child’s learning process to be a memorable one.

We strictly advice parents to ensure their child start right from Younger Children Community and completes the entire tenure of four years of Montessori program and can continue in our Elementary program and not to shift to other schools midway through the program. This will ensure that the child benefits from the carefully designed lesson plans and structured activities spread over the entire tenure of the program chosen.

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