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“We saw our daughter Zoya transform into a confident young person with good communication and social skills. Jackfruit House managed to instill and identify in her a strong love for music, dance and arts & craft which she loves doing today - all thanks to her teachers. She had a lot of fun, these four years and a big thank you from us - to everyone at Jackfruit House, who made this possible”.

-Parents of Zoya (Prashanth and Juhi Mehta)

“JACKFRUIT as the name says it's the King of all preschools in the locality with its uniqueness. Members at Jackfruit House took care of Akshaan while he played, wiping tears for knowing a hug is what he needs, for the tenderness you have shown teaching him to be kind at heart, for being there when mommy can't be, for making everyday a special memory”.

-Parents of Akshaan (Kavya and Arjun Gowda)

“Jackfruit House establishes a nurturing, fun-filled, educative and safe environment for the children to thrive. The teachers and the principal look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. The warmth, respect and the interest that they show makes us feel like family. The celebrations during festivals and national holidays, the field trips and the school programs are a hit with the children and parents alike. Her holistic development makes me truly believe that- Education is the key to success in life and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students".

-Parents of Aadhya S (Sandeep and Sandhya Venugopala)

“The education at Jack fruit House has contributed towards knowledge, skills and personal development of my child’s growth. Staff / Team Members at Jackfruit House are co-operative and very supportive. As a student at Jackfruit House, my child has developed a sense of social responsibility, confidence and knowledge. The Day Care and Administrative Services provided by the school is excellent”.

-Parents of Ashith (V N Kumar and S Radha)

“Jackfruit House is a wonderful warm atmosphere where our child has taken her first step outside home. She has found very supportive encouraging teachers here. We would recommend Jackfruit House to all the parents definitely”.

-Parents of Nethra (Ramakrishnan and Ramya Rajagopal)

The manner in which children are introduced to basic concepts such as colors and numbers by relating them to everyday objects helps them understand much better. The story session I feel is very vital for young minds and the teachers excel themselves in this activity to encourage the imagination of the children. I am truly amazed by the commitment, dedication and diligence of the staff and the sheer effort that they put in to create a unique environment for children. We are certain that under your stewardship and the guidance of the immensely capable staff, Jackfruit house will always be a place where young ones have the best experience possible that prepares them for the future and one whose memories they will treasure forever”.

-Parents of Atharv (Subodh and Pallavi)

Felt it was a good choice putting my son Sidhant at Jackfruit House. Very friendly and patient staff. A very nice foundation has been laid.

-Parents of Sidhant Rao

Very good experience in terms of overall development. Observed a tremendous change in behavior, language and confidence in my child. We are happy that we have made the right decision in enrolling our child at Jackfruit House.

-Parents of Siddhant Kilpady (Anita Kilpady)

The teachers and associated staff have been wonderful and personally involved in making my son  feel at home. Thank you so much for everything.

-Parents of Siddu and Adi (Shama Bildikar)

Arham loves coming to Jackfruit House and keeps talking about the class and friends. He enjoys all the activities and is growing / developing as an independent individual.

-Parents of Arham (Bharath)

Aahana’s development at Jackfruit House has been simply miraculous. Thanks for putting the ‘smile’ on her lips and zest for learning into her mind.

-Parents of Aahana (Smitha and Chetan)

We are extremely happy with the guidance and education provided to our child Deetya at Jackfruit House.She was previously shy and timid but now, we see that she is getting bolder and more expressive.

-Parents of Deetya (Prakash and Varsha Chettri)

My words are not enough to explain our gratitude to Jackfruit House. Siddhi has grown as a new person, developed and mastred so many skills in her one year here. We greatly appreciate the efforts everyone has put in to help her grow

-Parents of Siddhi (Leena V Chougule)

“The school has been extraordinary. Teachers are very talented & at the same time affectionate. Academic input has been great .Wish you had L.K.G and U.K.G to so that our children could enjoy and benefit for another 2 years”.
-Mr. Mani

“We are satisfied with the place, atmosphere, people, Faculty and support staff alike. We thank that the “School” has made Prakul get out of his inhibition of going to school. We see good progress in his growth and he can relate to many incidents at home with his learning in school”.
-Deepa & Sudarshan Narasipura

“When my daughter did not get admission in a renowned school, I was upset. But Jackfruit House was a blessing in disguise. The Montessori style and concept of teaching has helped my child develop her mental, visual, auditory functions which has boosted her confidence and intelligence. I wish I had put her in Jackfruit house a year earlier.”
-Dr Keerthi

“I am very glad that I chose this beautiful school as the first school for my child. I was initially scared to send her to school but I found a home away from home. She has improved excellently and thanks to all the staff members for helping Kritika.”
-Dr. Mrs Sandya Rani

”The way my daughter has changed in the past four months is simply unbelievable. The level of knowledge that she has acquired at such a young age is amazing . Admitting her to Jackfruit House has been one of the best decision I’ve ever taken. I thank the teachers and the staff for the effort they have put into making my daughter such a bright child”.
-Malavika S

“Siddhi enjoys her school a lot. Thank you Jackfruit House for making her transition from US to India a smooth ride .Her day begins with the words-“Let’s go to school”!That’s a big reward for everyone.”

“We thank all the teachers and support staff for all the help in training and imparting knowledge to Anagha . We have found a vast improvement in her communication skills and interaction. You have also taken great pains to train these small children to perform during their school day celebrations. It is difficult to make so many tiny tots to perform well. Thank you all and we wish you all success in the years to come.I am sure all the children joining here will be successful and smart.”
- Mr .J S Ajit

“This school ‘Jackfruit House’ has been a wonderful experience both for my son and for me as a parent. He enjoys going to school, communicating with his teachers. He enjoys learning, playing, eating everything at school. He has become more confident and more observant, wants to express all his thoughts. Wow! It is indeed an interesting and a good school”.
-Dr Renu

“Jackfruit House is a great learning centre for kids. Our children, Roshan and Rakshit have improved over the period since they joined this school. Every child should get an opportunity to learn at Jackfruit House.”
-Mr.& SMrs.Shivamurthy

“Thank you teachers and aunties for the wonderful teaching you have imparted to Gyan. Even though he joined the year very late, I have noticed a vast difference in his learning and grasping the basic in life. His English has started to improve and I am elated by this, as we know how important it is to converse in this language.”
-Mrs Jyothi

The entire team of Jackfruit House,
I thank you one and all for the kind gesture and care given to my daughter Kshiti N. I appreciate all the discipline and behaviors taught to my daughter. I am really thankful.
Thank you & All the best.
-Mrs Seema K

Dear Jackfruit House
Thank you for the education that you have imparted to Siddhanth .We have seen remarkable improvement in his personality after he joined your school. We are certain that the learning imparted here will help him to great extent in the coming year.
Wishing you all the very best regards!
-Mr Debraj Gupta & Mrs Tanushree

“I am very happy with Sankarsh ‘s progress and also with the way the teachers take care of the children. I hope more and more children get the opportunity to study and learn in this wonderful institution.”
-Mrs Sulakshana S

Dear Teachers and staff
“I’m very happy to have Keerthi enrolled in Jackfruit House. My daughter was always eager to attend school and enjoyed every moment of it. Being a hearing impaired child, the school and staff are amazing in bringing out the self –confidence in her. I wish the school the very best of luck in future .My heartfelt wishes for everyone out here. This school Rocks!”
-Mrs Keerthi Srikanth

“Jackfruit House has definitely been a “Fruitful” experience! Agastya has enjoyed his time in this school and am sure serve would have loved to continue. The school has a lovely ambience which I think is very important in making children feel at home. The teachers and the auxiliary staff are helpful and encouraging.”

“Jackfruit House, I have always been watching the amount of patience your staff has to bring up the child, the love, the care you show to children, I think only because of that the children get attracted towards the school and the campus. Thank you for beginning our child’s first step of life.”
-Mrs Krithi V

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