"Montessori philosophy believes that education begins at birth."
- Dr. Maria Montessori


Our curriculum provides rich academic, social, physical and culture experience that prepares the children to become confident, thoughtful and independent as they continue their journey towards becoming capable, lifelong learners.

Younger Children Community

Age Group: 1 ½ to 2 ½ years

A toddler is a child in transition- a child with particular needs and abilities. The child is still very new to the world of sights, sounds and movements. He is in awe from the wonders of the world and exhilarated from the growing independence, sense of self and freedom.

The Younger Children Community environment is carefully prepared to nurture the child in achieving independence and confidence during the program. We understand that the first three years of a child’s life are the most formative as the physical, mental and emotional development begins.

The curriculum includes activities - taking care of oneself, taking care of the environment, to build independence, movement skills and language abilities and social interaction is emphasized at this age. The activities allow the young child to develop fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through the senses and learning materials. Concepts are taught with the help of flash cards, models and other teaching methods. The settling-in period is very crucial as the child-parent separation needs gentle and gradual progression. The focus is on making the child feel secure and safe and confident, by allowing them time to relax and explore things at their own pace. Simple sensorial activities in the classroom respond to the toddler’s urge to use all their senses- indeed their whole bodies – to explore everything around them. There is a vast garden area where the children get a chance to appreciate and understand nature with some basic gardening activities. Our hands on learning program helps the child to explore, communicate and socialize. We provide a unique learning experience in our environment that invites and nurtures the child, builds confidence, encourages self reliance and self discipline. Education is an on-going process which is enhanced when the child and teacher work together.

We also have ‘Home Visit’ and ‘Home Lunch’ for our children. A ‘community snack time’, inculcates good manners and sharing among children, when they sit and eat together.

Playtime is an integral part of the program because it develops social bonding and interactive skills. Sport contributes to their psychological and social development. There is a vast outdoor play area complete with slides, tunnels and a swing for children to be themselves. The child can choose to cycle around the lawn or indulge in free play. A ‘nature walk’ in the garden encourages the child to observe different kinds of plants, leaves, buds, flowers around them while listening to the chirping of birds.

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